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Because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now an issue of strategic importance for law firms, TromansConsulting has launched a new website for the sharing of news and views on advanced legal tech that could have a material and positive impact. This can be found at:



TromansConsulting is publishing a series of reports on key issues facing the legal market.

​'A Beginner's Guide to Legal AI'  This is a succinct overview of the legal AI sector for those wanting to get a clear picture of the shape of the market and what the main branches of this technology are. (Feb 2017), Please download for your internal use.

The latest report, published April 2016, is 'Globalisation 2.0: Law Firms and the Continuing Global Story'. This 38-page report, illustrated throughout with data and tables, explores how globalisation will continue to offer law firm opportunities to develop their business. It examines how the market has changed and how different law firm models and strategies can be used to participate successfully in the global market. 

The third Trend Report, published January 2016, 'The Growth Imperative: Law Firms in a Dividing Market', examines how the UK legal market is more divided than ever before and what law firms need to do in response to this dramatic market change.

The second Trend Report, 'Growth Strategies: Law Firms and the Big Squeeze' was published September 2015 and considered how pricing pressure was affecting law firms.

The first Trend Report, 'The New Era of Opportunity', examined how consolidation has impacted the legal market and what type of mergers we will see next.  

If you would like a copy of the current or a past report, please contact: ​

Articles and Commentary:

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