TromansTechnology advises law firms and inhouse legal teams on the use of Artificial Intelligence systems in the legal area (Legal AI) and other new types of legal technology that may have a strategic impact. Advice is also provided to legal tech companies on business issues.  

​Fundamentally, all businesses making use of AI need to develop their own AI strategy that takes into account broader issues across the organisation and that will integrate with other areas of business planning and operational needs. 

Services for law firms and inhouse legal teams include:

- Advising on the best uses and applications of Legal AI, covering areas such as: contract analysis and compliance systems; advanced legal research systems; intelligent interfaces and legal bots.

- Providing workshops and presentations to law firms and inhouse teams on Legal AI. 

- Advising law firms and other legal businesses on the development of their own advanced legal technology, from AI systems to legal bots.

Services for legal tech companies include:

- Business development advice for legal tech companies.

​- Strategic advice on growth and business organisation.

- Market analysis for investors and acquirers interested in the legal tech and legal AI sector.