(c) Tromans Consulting, 2018 (Not for reproduction).

(c) Tromans Consulting, 2018 (Not for reproduction).

Tromans Consulting provides strategy + innovation advisory services to law firms, inhouse legal teams, and legal tech companies.

Tromans Consulting operates globally and is based in London, UK. 

Key areas of advisory support include:

  • Legal technology and innovation capacity building - helping your business to understand ‘what is out there’, how the market is changing, and how you may need to approach adaptation, implementation of new technology and address business issues related to the use of this new technology, especially in relation to automation (e.g. the use of AI tools). As part of this Tromans Consulting provides talks and workshops, as well as more in-depth advisory work suited to your particular business needs.

  • Innovation and business transformation strategy - this focuses on helping businesses address strategic issues related to innovation and the transformation of legal delivery processes. For example, how automation technology may positively drive change to: profit margins + revenue, staffing, corporate governance, and collaboration with clients and other parties. This includes helping businesses with internal organisational change to produce the best structures and systems that produce the right innovation and transformational outcomes for you and your clients.

  • Strategic advice to startups and legal tech companies - support for business owners and managers seeking to better understand their strategic goals, their market position and business planning options and opportunities, from early stage companies to well-developed tech companies responding to changes in market environments. This covers a range of issues: how to plan for early stage funding, branding and marketing/market positioning, understanding your path through the market to reach your growth potential and goals, and issues around collaboration and merger with other tech companies.

Tromans Consulting also provides consulting services dedicated to wider strategic challenges faced by law firm management teams. These primarily cover two areas:

- Merger candidate analysis

- International network strategy.

Merger candidate analysis helps law firms better understand 'what is out there' and which firms may be a good fit to meet your strategic needs. 

International network strategy advice covers the central challenges that all referral networks face in keeping pace with the global legal market's ever-changing needs and the development of strategic plans for management teams.  

I am also a frequent speaker and chair person/facilitator at legal conferences and law firm events, especially on the subject of legal Artificial Intelligence and Strategy. 

You may find, Artificial Lawyer, of interest in this regard. 

I am currently the retained ‘AI advisor’ to LITIG, the Legal IT Innovators Group, a UK-based organisation specifically designed to support senior professionals in relation to legal technology.


-    Developing a strategic overview of legal AI systems for a global corporate client, which involved examining the technology's uses and impacts.   

-     Reviewing a major law firm’s strategic goals and developing a growth plan to build new capability in a target market. 

 -   Examining current developments in legal AI technology for a large UK law firm and providing a detailed assessment of the best applications to make use of and how best to utilise them across the law firm.   

-   Working with a major law firm to develop a new strategy for expanding a major office’s key practices and analysing in detail its potential options to achieve this.

-    Helping a firm to develop a strategy to rebalance its practice mix along with detailed financial analysis and recommendations on its options to meet this goal.

-    Working with several UK law firms to identify potential merger targets and make approaches to those targets on behalf of the client to help initiate merger talks. 

- Helping an international network of law firms improve their internal and external business development practices and set out a strategy for growth.