Examples Of RECENT Projects Undertaken:


​-    Developing a strategic overview of legal AI systems for a global corporate client, which involved examining the technology's uses and impacts.   

-     Reviewing a major law firm’s strategic goals and developing a growth plan to build new capability in a target market.  


-   Examining current developments in legal AI technology for a large UK law firm and providing a detailed assessment of the best applications to make use of and how best to utilise them across the law firm.   

-   Working with a major law firm to develop a new strategy for expanding a major office’s key practices and analysing in detail its potential options to achieve this.


-    Helping a firm to develop a strategy to rebalance its practice mix along with detailed financial analysis and recommendations on its options to meet this goal.

-    Working with several UK law firms to identify potential merger targets and make approaches to those targets on behalf of the client to help initiate merger talks. 

- Helping an international network of law firms improve their internal and external business development practices and set out a strategy for growth. 


Richard Tromans 

Founder + Consultant



(+44) 07846670875

London, UK

TromansConsulting provides strategy consulting services for businesses in the legal market.

I advise management teams on areas such as: business expansion, merger and international development via new offices or networks.

Meanwhile, I also advise law firms and corporates on how best to approach the subject of legal Artificial Intelligence systems, which is now more of a change management and strategic issue than a purely technological challenge.

This work focuses on helping lawyers to develop a 'Legal AI' strategy that is right for their business and that will integrate with other aspects of their broader strategic, business development and operational needs.

​I am also a frequent speaker at legal conferences, especially on the subject of legal Artificial Intelligence.