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Tromans Consulting helps legal businesses better understand how to tackle the challenges of innovation and the use of new technologies that are reshaping the market.

This offering has been developed because innovation is a business and strategic issue on the same level as broader management challenges, such as business expansion and improving your market position.

Innovation is a transformative and powerful force that can reshape your firm and its competitive position. The area is therefore central to business planning and your management team’s strategic thinking.

In short: innovation is a strategic issue, and must therefore be treated as a core part of your business planning.

While innovation in the law clearly often involves technology, including some powerful new AI and automation capabilities that are now available, the larger issues are not technical ones, but rather what this innovation and this use of new technology means for the business, its clients and the shape of the rapidly evolving market.

This can range from internal governance issues, to resource allocation, to gaining a deeper perception of how innovation will help your firm to prosper and win new business - or to retain clients in a market where expectations are changing.

Tromans Consulting, which has focused for several years on the strategic needs of law firms, therefore now helps management teams with the following areas:

 -     Where to invest time, money and resources in innovation projects.

-      Understanding your market position and competitive advantage in relation to innovation and the use of technology. 

-      Benefits and challenges of different approaches to innovation and legal services delivery. 

-      Understanding the impact and benefits of AI and automation - as this technology clearly will change how you operate.

-      Internal governance and the development of new teams/departments that support innovation. 

-      Idea development and triage of innovation needs.

- And, developing an innovation strategy that is integral to your wider business plan.

Tromans Consulting also provides consulting services dedicated to wider strategic challenges faced by law firm management teams. These primarily cover two areas:

- Merger candidate analysis

- International network strategy.

Merger candidate analysis helps law firms better understand 'what is out there' and which firms may be a good fit to meet your strategic needs. 

International network strategy advice covers the central challenges that all referral networks face in keeping pace with the global legal market's ever-changing needs and the development of strategic plans for management teams.  

I am currently the Technical Advisor to the UK Government-backed LawTech Delivery Panel,


Legal AI Advisor to LITIG, the legal technology professionals organisation.

I am also a frequent speaker and chair person/facilitator at legal conferences and law firm events, especially on the subject of Innovation.

You may find the site, Artificial Lawyer, of interest in relation to current developments in the realm of legal technology.  

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