Tromans Consulting provides strategy + innovation services to law firms.

I operate across the UK and globally. I advise management teams on areas such as: business expansion, merger and international development via new offices or networks, as well innovation and the adoption of new technology, such as AI, that has a strategic aspect. 

I have particular skills advising law firms on:

- Merger candidate analysis
- International network strategy
- Innovation development

Merger candidate analysis helps law firms better understand 'what is out there' and which firms may be a good fit to meet your strategic needs. 

International network strategy advice covers the central challenges that all referral networks face in keeping pace with the global legal market's ever-changing needs and the development of strategic plans for management teams.  

Innovation development focuses on helping lawyers to develop a 'Legal AI' strategy that is right for their business and that will integrate with other aspects of their broader strategic, business development and operational needs.








I also provide Legal AI Workshops for law firms to help build internal capacity and knowledge that will help partners, IT and innovation teams to make real, practical use cases for this new technology that fit their firm and their clients' needs. 

I am also a frequent speaker at legal conferences and law firm events, especially on the subject of legal Artificial Intelligence and Strategy. 

You may also find my professional blog, Artificial Lawyer, of interest in this regard. 


Richard TromansFounder and Consultant


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Tromans Consulting - Strategy + Innovation
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Tromans Consulting Provides Strategy and Innovation Advice to Law Firms

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